The first promo for the new season 5 of Lost

October 29th, 2008 on

Need I say more? Here is the first promo for the fifth season of Lost.

Anyone else can’t wait for February 2009 to roll around so we can start finally watching season 5 of Lost?

The O.C.’s Willa Holland joining Gossip Girl

September 6th, 2008 on


Another former OC cast member casting news. Willa Holland, who played Marissa’s little sister with attitude, Caitlin, is going to appear on Gossip Girl for a three episode arc. And the name they picked for her? Agnes… AGNES??? Sounds more like the name of a great great aunt to me!

Holland would play Agnes, a young model for Eleanor Waldorf who befriends Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen) but also tries to tempt her over to the dark side (think threesomes and stripteases).

Yep, more sexing up for Gossip Girl!


Project Runway Season Six pushed back to January

September 6th, 2008 on
timgunn.jpgIf you were hoping for the fall season start on Project Runway, the hit reality designer show that switched over from Bravo to Lifetime, you are out of luck. The new season won’t be back until January, apparently due to Lifetime not being able to get production up and running in time.

In a surprise development, Lifetime has confirmed that it won’t debut the sixth season of Project Runway until January so it has more time to promote the show that it swiped from Bravo last spring. It had been expected the show would debut on its new network sometime this autumn. “With this move, the series will resume its traditional cycle of two seasons per year,” according to a Lifetime spokeperson. “We look forward to ringing in the New Year by giving Project Runway loyal fans a superlative season six with Heidi, Tim, Nina, and Michael. The new date and time will be announced soon.”

The delay supposedly is not attributed to the nasty legal catfight going on between Bravo, NBC/Universal, and Runway’s new home on Lifetime.

The news comes as a lawsuit over the rights to Project Runway continues to wind its way through the New York courts. Bravo’s parent company, NBC/Universal, is alleging that the Weinstein Co. shopped Runway to Lifetime before giving its home network first refusal. NBC/Universal also is attempting to block Lifetime from marketing and promoting future cycles of the show.

We’ll keep you posted!

24 shutting down production for script rewrites

September 6th, 2008 on


More problems over at 24, as the show is going to shut down production for about a month to rewrite the final season’s scripts.

Apparently Jack Bauer needs a little breather: After the completion of episode 18 on Sept. 15, production on Fox’s hit drama 24 will shut down until October 9th while the writers reshape the upcoming season’s creative direction — specifically the transition leading to the end game. “We had a couple of scripts that we weren’t happy with,” 24 exec producer Howard Gordon tells “We just couldn’t get this direction to work, and we found another one that we liked better, so we wound up retooling it.

As you remember, last season had a ton of problems, including Kiefer Sutherland’s DUI jail stint as well as the writers strike that saw last season not happen at all, even though 8 episodes were already filmed. And season 6 was the lowest rated season of the hit show so far.

24 is currently scheduled to return in January 2009, so this new production delay might not result in any part of the season getting delayed aiurdates… supposedly.


Dr. Mark Greene is returning to ER

September 5th, 2008 on

The final season of ER is getting better and better. Anthony Edwards will be returning to the series in the November 13th episode. But before you get your hopes up, he is not returning from beyond the grave, he will be seen in flashbacks only.

Anthony Edwards will reprise the role of Greene, who died of a brain tumor at the end of the 2002 season, in flashback scenes in the Nov. 13 episode, NBC announced Thursday.

Dr. Greene will be shown with other characters from the show’s past and during an encounter with series newcomer Dr. Cate Banfield (Angela Bassett), an attending physician at County General, the network said.

This could be interesting, you have to wonder how hot their “encounter” was previously!

I also think this is a great way for them to bring back such an important character to the final season of the show. Fans will love this bittersweet final season, which starts with the season premiere on September 25th.


New Grey’s Anatomy promo – Derek injured and Rose pregnant?

September 4th, 2008 on

Wow, have you checked out the latest Grey’s Anatomy promo for the new season?

That pregnancy revelation by Rose? Well, apparently Shonda Rhimes had already said she wouldn’t be going there, and word on the street is that ABC did it to ramp up the promo. Ausiello has the scoop…

WTF is right. That promo caused quote the little firestorm over at ABC yesterday. Not only did it incur the wrath of millions of Rose-weary Mer-Der fans, but it essentially branded one of the network’s most valuable assets (i.e. Shonda Rhimes) a big ol’ liar. You see, in her ABC podcast that followed the show’s finale last May, Rhimes assured fans that Grey’s would not be employing any soap operatic stunts to pull Derek and Meredith apart this season — and she specifically ruled out knocking up Rose. But someone apparently forgot to pass that bit of information on to the folks cutting together that incendiary clip. As a result, Rhimes has been forced to do the unthinkable: Issue an exclusive statement to me that basically denies the very plot twist that ABC shamelessly tried to dangle before us. “I would not deceive our fans,” Rhimes tells me, “especially those loyal enough to listen to our podcast.” Long story short: The only thing Rose will be carrying in the season premiere is a third wheel.

Whew! But what is up with it looking like Derek wind up in a trauma neck brace on a gurney? Maybe that speeding vehicle we briefly saw wheel up outside the emergency room hits Derek. We will keep you posted!


Melinda’s husband Jim to be killed off on Ghost Whisperer

September 4th, 2008 on


Wow. So CBS answer to Ghost Whisperer’s ratings is to kill off Melinda’s hubby Jim, played by David Conrad, and make her a widow. Um, what?

Although CBS declined to comment, multiple sources confirm what has been buzzing on the Internet for weeks (final final warning): Melinda is about to become a widow, as producers have decided to kill off TV hubby Jim (David Conrad) early in season 4.

So how many people are going to stop watching if Jim kicks the bucket? I bet quite a few.


Elisha Cuthbert IS returning to 24

September 4th, 2008 on

If you have been wondering whether Elisha Cuthbert would be returning to 24, you are in luck, she will be back as Kim Bauer.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Cuthbert has inked a deal to reprise her role as Jack’s lightning rod of an offspring for a season-ending arc that will no doubt trigger a new round of wholly outdated and painfully unfunny cougar jokes. Per my 24 mole, Kim will return minus her old beau (sorry, C. Thomas Howell) and plus a child! That’s right, Kim’s got a little puma all her own!

Time sure flies on 24! Wonder how the baby Bauer will spin things when the new season starts up.


One Tree Hill nabs Austin Nichols as the new hottie

September 4th, 2008 on

Austin Nichols, who recently was on John from Cincinnati, is headed to One Tree Hill, and he will have a past with Peyton. He actually winds up in town when he shows up as an indie film producer interested in making a film of Lucas’ novel.

My OTH mole describes Nichols’ gig as “heavy recurring,” which I’m pretty sure means we’re going to be seeing a lot of him.

So what’s the feelings? Excited? One Tree Hill can always add more hot guys to the cast list as far as I’m concerned!


Gail O’Grady joining Desperate Housewives

September 4th, 2008 on

Gail O’Grady is heading to Wisteria Lane, after her stints on NYPD Blue and American Dreams. It sounds as though Gail will be playing the latest troublemaker, and it seems Lynette and one of her sons is her target.

As I teased in this week’s episode of Ausiello TV, her character — which will appear on a recurring basis — was originally conceived as a Mrs. Robinson-esque seductress who sets her sights on one of Lynette’s rapidly aged twin terrors. I say originally because it’s entirely possible some of those plans have changed.

One thing I know for sure: O’Grady’s alter ego will be married. Producers are currently casting the role of her hubby.

We need some more bitches on Wisteria Lane, it is what keeps it all interesting ;) Well, that and hot looking men!


Survivor Gabon Cast List announced

August 28th, 2008 on

Survivor will be showing the latest installment – Survivor Gabon – in High Definition, meaning an even better experience for those with HD TVs out there. The 17th season of Survivor has 18 castaways:

Randy Bailey, 49; wedding videographer
Jacque Berg, 25; medical sales
Danny “GC” Brown, 26; maintenance man
Michelle Chase, 24; music production assistant
Crystal Cox, 29; former Olympic gold medalist
Robert “Bob” Crowley, 58; physics teacher
Kelly Czarnecki, 22; retail sales
Ace Gordon, 27; jewelry sales
Charlie Herschel, 29; lawyer
Ken Hoang, 22; professional gamer
Corinne Kaplan, 29; pharmaceutical sales
Dan Kay, 32; lawyer
Jessica “Sugar” Kiper, 29; pinup model
Gillian Larson, 61; retired nurse
Marcus Lehman, 28; doctor
Susie Smith, 47; hairdresser
Paloma Soto-Castillo, 24; student
Matty Whitmore, 29; personal trainer

Kimberly Williams-Pasley joins Boston Legal as guest star

August 28th, 2008 on

I love Kimberly Williams, now known as Kimberly Williams-Pasley following her marriage to country star Brad Paisley. And she will have a guest starring role on Boston Legal this season. No word yet on who she will be playing or what the storyline will be. But it follows closely on the announcement that hysterical guest star Betty White is also returning as well.

Boston Legal is shaping up for a hot new season, especially since they are taking on the tobacco industry in the season premiere episode for season 5.

Boston Legal premieres the 5th season on September 22 at 10pm.

Another Celebrity Apprentice in the making

August 27th, 2008 on

Yep, Donald Trump is doing yet another Celebrity Apprentice, and this time it has hired Khloe Kardashian (that is Kim’s little sister). No word on exactly what her role will be, other than it is confirmed.

As for those facing off with The Donald in the board room, rumored celebs include Tony Danza (I think I would rather see him on Dancing with the Stars!), Dennis Rodman (OMG!), Petra Nemcova and both Joan and Melissa Rivers.

Michaela McManus will be back on One Tree Hill as Lindsey

August 26th, 2008 on

I know many people assumed that once Michaela McManus was cast on Law & Order: SVU that we had seen the last of her on One Tree Hill. But that isn’t so! And not only that, she will be back on One Tree Hill for more than one episode!

To those who track spoilers/on-set sightings and profess to know who Lucas wound up calling, Schwahn argues, “If Lucas were to pick Lindsey, who’s to say she’d pick him back? And if she does, who’s to say it works out? A lot of people have eliminated her as a candidate because they know a lot about show biz, but I’m like, ‘Hold on a second….’”

Does that mean OTH’s mighty love “rectangle” of Lucas, Brooke, Peyton and Linds is destined to continue on? “Not really, and not romantically,” says Schwahn. “As you get older and more complex, how you love someone and what they mean to your life, that changes. So I think that romantically, it’s probably done. But [those relationships] will always be a staple of the show. They’ll all be in each others lives in some major way.”

So what do you think? Happy she will be back or mad she’s coming back?


Degrassi High’s new fashion trends

August 26th, 2008 on

Not exactly a spoiler on what is happening on the show, but want to know what the latest clothes – and more importantly – what stores the clothes come from, we have the scoop from Degrassi’s clothing guy.

So what will young Degrassi stars such as Nina Dobrev and Lauren Collins be wearing this fall? Expect wide-legged jeans, Wright says, and — thanks to advance buzz on the sixth Harry Potter film — clothes that wouldn’t be out of place at an English boarding school.

“Blazers, plaid skirts and the off-uniform look is everywhere,” says Wright, who also credits Gossip Girl with stoking this season’s argyle trend. But while that show’s Upper East Side teens might sport Chanel, Wright says he can find the same thing for his girls at Le Chateau.

“It’s in keeping with our aesthetic,” he says, adding that colourful peasant shirts, big earrings and oversized leather satchels [instead of backpacks] will be wardrobe staples on Degrassi this season.

Unfortunately for Americans, most of the clothes are bought in Canada, but some of the pieces are available at the American counterparts, such as the Gap.


Megalyn Echikunwoke joins CSI Miami as a regular cast member

August 26th, 2008 on

Horatio Caine’s team just got bigger with the addition of Megalyn Echikunwoke (how is that for a mouthful!) as medical examiner Dr. Tara Price. Megalyn was previously cast just as a recurring character, but she has just been named as a series regular.

Waiting for your dose of CSI Miami? Only a few weeks left to wait, as the show premieres it’s seventh season on September 22 at 10pm, on CBS.

Betty White returning to Boston Legal

August 26th, 2008 on

If you were hoping for another guest appearance by Catherine Piper, played by Betty White, you are in luck. Betty is returning to the set as a guest star, although the number of episodes and the storyline haven’t been announced yet. But if you can remember Catherine’s previous adventures at Boston Legal, you know it will be funny and memorable!

Boston Legal is back on ABC on September 22nd at 10pm. It’s new time slot is Monday nights after Dancing with the Stars and Samantha Who?

American Idol is adding a new judge to the judges table

August 25th, 2008 on


American Idol is adding a brand new 4th judge to the judging table when American Idol premieres for its 8th season in January. Kara DioGuardi, a songwriter for the likes of Faith Hill and Kelly Clarkson, has signed on to join the reality show.

“For the past seven seasons, Paula has had to endure the experience of being the only woman at the judges’ table,” said Mike Darnell, president, alternative programming of Fox, in a statement.

“With Kara by her side, Paula has some backup and now there is going to be a lot more ‘girl power’ on the show,” Darnell said.

I am curious if it might heat up some of the sexual tension between Paula and Simon, or if Kara will try and make her move on being the one fans want to see Simon with.

“We are turning the heat up on ‘Idol’ this year and are thrilled to welcome Kara to the judges’ table,” said creator and executive producer Simon Fuller in a statement. “She is a smart, sassy lady, and one of America’s most successful songwriters. We know she will bring a new level of energy and excitement to the show.”

I don’t know if this change is a good thing, as I love the dynamic between Paula, Randy and Simon. However, I suspect she will get canned if the fans hate her or if the chemistry just isn’t there. Overall, I am not a fan of having a new judge… maybe for the audtions, but for the whole show as well? I am prepared to hate her!


Jason Mesnick, Bachelorette runner-up, is the new Bachelor

August 25th, 2008 on


In case you were really rooting for DeAnna Pappas to pick Jason Mesnick instead of her eventual chosen suitor, Jesse Csincsak, you are in luck. Jason will be the new bachelor on ABC’s The Bachelor!

I also think this will be appealing because Mesnick is a single dad – he has a three-year-old son Ty, so it will be interesting to see if that plays a role in the show at all. The new bachelorettes better like kids! But they may film the show in Seattle so they don’t disrupt Ty’s schedule too much.

Alas, the 13th season of the Bachelor won’t begin airing until January 2009. But if you want a shot at being one of the bachelorettes, you can apply to casting now!

And a word on DeAnna and Jesse, they have a wedding date currently set for May 9, 2009.

Dancing with the Stars cast list season 7

August 25th, 2008 on


Here is the complete cast list for the season 7 Dancing with the Stars

Kim Kardashian, infamous (not famous!) reality TV star

Cloris Leachman, token “older dancer”, still known by many from Facts of Life

Maurice Greene, Olympic sprinter

Lance Bass, former N’ Sync star (no, he won’t be dancing with the male partner!)

Rocco DiSpirito, celebrity TV chef

Warren Sapp, NFL football star

Misty May-Treanor, Olympic beach volleyballer (she just won gold!)

Toni Braxton, R&B singer

Cody Linley, Jake Ryan on Hannah Montana (he’s the youngest ever at 18)

Ted McGinley, Happy Days, Hope & Faith actor

Brooke Burke, actress

Jeffrey Ross, celebrity roaster and comedian

Susan Lucci, “All My Children” soap star, famously nominated for Daytime Emmy about a zillion times without winning (which I think she eventually did a few years ago)